A brand for seniors who want the most out of life

In 2020, a new company was formed to provide primary care for seniors throughout the United States. The organization would follow a patient-centric clinical approach for seniors — linking clinical and social support, increasing access to preventive care, developing individually-tailored coordinated care plans, and addressing social determinants of health.  

And as many in the health space are aware, this company wasn’t the first – nor would it be the last – organization to enter the senior primary care market. To be successful, this new entrant needed to create a memorable, differentiated brand that connected with its target audience on an emotional level.  

A nugget of truth makes a world of a difference  

Through competitive audits, stakeholder interviews, collaborative workshops, and extensive research, Revive unveiled a nugget of truth that this new company’s competitors were missing: the degree to which seniors are treated with dignity plays an outsized role in their healthcare preferences and decision-making.  

Despite their modest lifestyles, these seniors didn’t want to be treated like a dime-a-dozen. They wanted to be treated with the uniqueness their livelihood and health deserved – which many believed was not provided by the coverall primary care options existing in the market.  

With these considerations, Revive positioned this emerging senior primary care company as a partner for seniors who wanted the most out of life — treating the individual’s health and lives as one and the same. 

Senior care that fits like a glove 

Based on this positioning, the company became ArchWell Health. The name “ArchWell Health” is a nod to the brand’s commitment to recognizing the individuality that makes every patient unique and the healthy life they help provide. An “arch” is the rarest form of a human fingerprint, used in the name to symbolize individuality. “Well” is then pulled from the word “wellbeing,” which is attained through good health. Together, ArchWell means “individual wellbeing.” A unique brand identity supported the name.  

The ArchWell Health logo is an arched wordmark that symbolizes the brand palette’s connectedness with patients and within their individual health journeys. The visual identity’s primary color is a warm, vibrant orange that is eye-catching, playful, and energizing, balanced by shades of blue, representing professionalism, competence, authenticity, and trustworthiness. Brand images reflected a vibrant life outside of the healthcare environment for an aspirational and more patient-focused design.  

The story is just beginning

Revive also created the brand’s pillars, key messages, personality, and story to communicate the brand’s promises through all aspects of the brand. The ArchWell Health team has rallied behind their new brand strategy and identity, launching their first six clinics in Alabama, North Carolina, Missouri, and Oklahoma.