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When competition comes knocking

Is your health system a default brand or a challenger brand?

It used to be a clear line, but in this new age of heightened competition, the healthcare industry is ripe for an upset. Is your health system prepared? Penn State Health is.

Penn State Health is the leading provider of health and wellness services in central Pennsylvania and home to the longest-standing academic medical center in the region. In the face of increased competition in the Pennsylvania market from other nationally-recognized academic medical centers (AMCs), Penn State Health could no longer rely on its AMC laurels alone – its brand needed to stand out in a different way.

Redefining a brand in a crowded market

So, if not an AMC, what would define Penn State Health’s brand. Not just their research or cutting-edge clinical approaches, but Penn State Health’s brand had to encompass something their competitors couldn’t – their hard-earned ties with the community.  

Revive worked with organizational leaders to develop a brand positioning focused on the system’s commitment to reinvest in the health of its community, including its significant plans to build services, access, and experiences in the market as a result of a shared $1 billion commitment in partnership with Highmark, the state’s largest health plan.

A campaign and a rallying cry

Revive helped Penn State Health bring this differentiation to life through “This,” a campaign focused on Penn State Health’s significant and growing commitments in the area and the individuals in the community who would benefit.

More than just a campaign slogan, “This” represents a rallying cry and unifying message that portrays the indomitable spirit of the people of central PA — their honesty, grit, and determination.

The integrated campaign launched in three phases across traditional and digital mediums, including print, out-of-home, online, TV, radio, and internal communications.

And from this rallying cry, Penn State Health harnessed both the fire of a challenger brand and their one clear differentiation – their decades-old investment in and connection to the communities they serve.


Initially launched in the fall of 2018, the campaign has continued to drive results and positive community feedback for the past three years. These results include:

With three years in-market, Penn State Health owns the role of “challenger” by continually investing in its community and living up to its reputation for delivering best-in-class health and wellness services.