November 8 - 10, 2023 › Nashville, TN

Accelerating the managed care industry.

Summit 2023 is coming to Nashville! November 8 – 10, 2023.

The Summit by Revive is back, and we’re taking it to the heart of Music City Pack your bags and dust off your cowboy boots because The Summit 2023 will take place in Nashville, TN at the Noelle, a hotel in the heart of music city. Tickets for the event are now available for purchase here.

What is the Summit?

Healthcare providers are facing unprecedented challenges.  A tougher contracting climate.  Added constraints over how and where to deliver care.  Difficulty collecting on claims.  Rising labor and supply costs.

Unprecedented challenges require unprecedented strategies to address them. 

The Summit by Revive brings together top managed care executives, legal experts and renowned healthcare thought leaders for an intimate conversation about the state of our industry and how we can chart a successful path through our challenges.

We hope you’ll join us for the opportunity to be part of an exclusive conversation.

As always, your Summit experience will include incredible food, boutique accommodations, and unique experiences, all set in one of the liveliest cities in America.

2023 Summit Theme: Claims, Contracts, and Confusion

Providers have experienced tremendous instability and significant financial challenges in the wake of a post COVID environment.  Payors are taking advantage and leaving providers working through financial crises that distract from their true mission, caring for the population.


Speakers announcements will begin shortly.
Day 1

Wednesday, 11/8

Arrive in Nashville, settle in at the Noelle. If you arrive early, explore downtown Nashville or have lunch at the restaurant inside the Noelle: Makeready L&L. Summit will officially begin with keynote at 6pm, followed by a reception with plenty of food and drinks.

Day 2

Thursday, 11/9

This day will be packed with thought-provoking sessions — including panels and speakers. Sessions with begin at 9am. In the evening, there will be an intimate group dinner at local restaurant at 7pm.

Day 3

Friday, 11/10

Final day of sessions start at 9 am, Summit officially concludes at 1 pm.

Session Topics

Here are the sessions you can expect to see at Summit 2023. Titles are subject to change and speakers for the sessions will be announced shortly.

Session 1

State of the Health System Union

What it means to survive, and try to thrive, in harsher conditions than we’ve ever faced before.

Session 2

Everything is Political, Including Healthcare: The Impact of Politics on Managed Care Negotiations

This session delves into the complex relationship between politics and managed care negotiations, analyzing the various ways in which political factors such as policy changes, government programs, and market competition shape the dynamics and outcomes of these critical healthcare negotiations.

Session 3

Emerging Negotiation Trends, Challenges and Solutions (panel)

Managed care leaders from some of the country’s most esteemed systems will share what they’re experiencing – at the negotiating table and beyond.

Session 4

Payor Games: Increased Denials, Underpayments, Non-Payment, and The Impact on Healthcare Providers

This session aims to provide healthcare providers with comprehensive insights into managed care contract denials, including an exploration of the underlying factors, effective strategies for addressing denials, and the legal implications associated with these challenges.

Session 5

The Attack on Health Systems

Your health system is now under unending attack. Your very value is being questioned – by media, by payors, by regulators and political leaders, and even by the public. We’ll talk about this false narrative, how it emerged, how it detracts from the tangible value your organization provides to your community, and how it impacts payor relations and negotiations.

Session 6

If Your Health System if Considering Payor Litigation, Be Prepared to Win (panel)

What are our legal eagles seeing and litigating at the intersection between payor and provider interactions? What’s emerging, what’s new, and what strategies are health systems employing that is finding success?

Session 7

Value Based Contracts: is it possible to win via VBC?

Few healthcare industry issues are more relevant and divisive than whether value-based care (VBC) is a sustainable reimbursement strategy that truly rewards providers for high quality of care and provides patients with better outcomes. In this session, we will debate the merits of VBC, discuss the challenges and predict where the industry will head moving forward.

Session 8

Wielding influence and winning negotiations in an impossible cultural climate

Everybody hates everything. TikTok culture has made attention spans virtually zero. But one wrong move, and your customers will revolt against your brand. How do you negotiate effectively and wield public influence in this impossible climate?

Session 9

Who blinks first? (panel) Negotiations can be distilled down into a standoff.

Knowing how to appropriately posture and gain leverage and when to mobilize is critical to a successful negotiation. Hear how organizations describe success in contract negotiations and how they prepare.

Session 10

Preparing for the (sometimes) inevitable.

Out of network is never ideal, but sometimes it’s a critical juncture and strategy to pull through an eventual successful negotiation. In this session, we will discuss how to prepare and gain confidence through an out of network period and which tools are necessary to gain traction and prevent leakage.

Session 11

Be Prepared: What can healthcare leaders learn from scouts?

Healthcare is a wildly reactive industry and, by empowering provider organizations to be proactive in contract negotiations, we can determine our value, bargaining position, leverage, and overall strategy to achieve an unstoppable managed care function.

The Summit is ideal for:

What a phenomenal event. The speakers’ varying perspectives offered new insights into the way my business fits in today’s healthcare landscape — and I’ll certainly be returning next year!

– Jeffrey Gold, Vice President & Counsel, Healthcare Association of New York State

Event Location

The Noelle

200 Fourth Avenue N.
Nashville, TN 37219

Event Attire:
Come however you feel best — many attendees will plan to dress in business attire for the event.

Built in 1930, Noelle came of age at a time when downtown Nashville was experiencing a boom of new hotels, department stores and local characters aplenty. With Printer’s Alley at her back and the glow of Broadway just a block away, Noelle has long been at the center of the hustle and bustle that fuels this eclectic city.

Now in its second act, this famed hotel has risen once again to take on its role in Nashville’s rich narrative. Today, Noelle serves as a gathering place for some of the city’s most interesting voices and makers as it continues to contribute to the spirit that makes this place so unique.

Previous Panelists

Wendell Potter

Former VP of Cigna, Whistleblower, and reformed insurance propagandist

Megan Greenfield

Partner, McKinsey & Company

Nate Kauman

Managing Director, Kaufman Strategic Advisors

Clint Hailey

Chief Managed Care Officer, Tenet Healthcare

Drew Swiss

VP Finance, Montefiore Health System

Joshua Raskin

Research Analyst, Nephron Research

Mark Carley

President, Colorado Health Neighborhoods Vice-President, Managed Care and Payor Relations, Centura Health

Barbara Corey

Senior VP of Managed Care, WellStar Health System

Steve Tolle

Partner, HLM Venture Partners

Shannon Glover

VP of Managed Care, Piedmont Healthcare

Robert Beverwyk

Vice President of Managed Care, Trinity Health

Jarrett Lewis

Partner, Public Opinion Strategies

Jason Ross

Senior Vice President, Revenue & Network Management, Lifepoint Health

Kevin Thilborger

Managing Director, Huron

Glenn Solomon

Partner, King & Spalding

Jim Boswell

Partner, King & Spalding

Stephen Goff

Partner, King & Spalding

David King

Shareholder, Polsinelli

Bill Hannah

Managing Director, Guidehouse

Jeff Leibach

Director, Guidehouse