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Specialty practice

Health Impact Campaigns

Applying our understanding of the health consumer, Revive has worked with private and public organizations to help persuade communities to engage in healthy behaviors and to support public health issues.

What we do

Partnering with hundreds of health brands means we have helped research, understand, and influence millions of consumers as health consumers. That provides Revive with a deep understanding of the mindsets and motivations that drive how individuals manage their own health. And not just an understanding of self-reported consumer behavior – an understanding of how consumers actually behave when it comes to their health and the potential biases interfering with rational decisions. This is our differentiator – being able to see beyond the data and see beyond the surface to approach consumers as the incredibly complex individuals they are. 

Whether a public health initiative to combat issues such as diabetes or COVID-19 or a campaign to provide support for mental health or LGBTQ+ health issues, Revive leverages multiple data sources, innovative research approaches like ethnography, behavioral science philosophies, and our strategic and creative expertise to help organizations and governments drive meaningful impact.

Health impact campaign capabilities

Revive offers a full suite of services to help you develop, plan, and execute health impact campaigns and programs.

  • Market analysis
  • Audience segmentation
  • Behavioral design
  • Data analysis
  • Strategy
  • Research design
  • Creative
  • Cross-channel planning
  • Execution
  • Measurement

We work with brands who lead the way in health

Our Campaign Process



Exploration of the health issue, market, and audience at hand, using our proprietary INCITE process to identify the core campaign strategy. 


Creative concepting

Creation of campaign directions and activation concepts, leveraging traditional, digital, content, PR, direct, influencer, and other marketing strategies. 


Campaign planning

Development of fully integrated campaign plans, including media planning, channel strategy, campaign extensions, engagement platforms, and KPIs. 



Revive can produce all campaign assets, managing production, post-production, media trafficking, and campaign launch activities.