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Personalized marketing

The future of marketing is data – data to better understand market opportunities, data to support decision making, and data to engage audiences in evermore personalized ways. Nowhere does personalized marketing hold more promise than in the health space.


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What we do

Delivering on the promise of new data streams and MarTech platforms requires a new way of operating for marketing leaders. Moving forward, marketing departments must be rewired for speed, collaboration, and consumer focus, changing what marketing does, and just as importantly, how marketing is done. While this is critical for all modern marketing efforts, it’s even more so for personalized marketing aspirations. Personalized digital marketing requires a close integration between marketing strategies, MarTech stacks, operational data systems, and ongoing analytics.

Increased personalized advertising will continue to grow as more consumer digital experiences are enabled through devices like smart speakers, connected TV, and mobile devices and apps. These evolutions will increasingly allow marketers to collect response metrics across numerous consumer experience touch points and create much more targeted and relevant experiences ubiquitously across different consumer journey touch points. Implementation of machine learning and AI-driven technologies will be also be foundational in helping marketers segment audiences and target individuals more precisely.

Revive has developed processes and programming to help marketing leaders focus on advanced marketing for targeting consumers with personalized messages and content by maximizing the use of marketing dollars and internal resources. Whether you have existing CRM capabilities or need outside support, our approach allows our clients to better understand consumer preferences and enable more effective audience definition and marketing activity.

Personalized marketing capabilities

Revive can help you activate personalized marketing strategies and campaigns, as well as train your staff to incorporate the appropriate marketing operation and strategic thinking changes necessary to maximize personalized marketing moving forward.

  • MarTech stack analysis
  • CRM & marketing automation integration
  • Salesforce CRM services
  • Data stream evaluation & incorporation
  • Research & analytics
  • Marketing strategy & planning
  • Audience definition & segmentation
  • Creative concepting & messaging development
  • Campaign planning & execution
  • Media targeting & programmatic buying
  • Web development
  • Content development
  • Team training & MarOps planning
  • Agile training

Service-Line Demand Generation Program

Now more than ever, your health system is counting on your team to help drive consistent service-line revenue.  You don’t just need to target more patients, you need the right patients. Revive has developed a repeatable demand generation program to effectively and efficiently drive service-line volumes.

Helping health brands leverage data-driven and personalized marketing