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Sep 24, 2021

Same show, new format, No Normal

Same show, new format, No Normal Featuring The No Normal Show of Revive

Where does TikTok fit in health brands’ marketing programs? Find out from Revive’s Chris Bevolo, Stephanie Wierwille, and Chase Cleckner.



We introduced the new format for The No Normal Show this week. The show changes include: 

  • ReviveHealth is now Revive, and to that end, the show will no longer focus solely on hospital and health system marketers and communicators, but marketers, branders, and communicators who are engaging consumers around health. 
  • The show will no longer be grounded in COVID-19 discussion but will explore new avenues of conversation, focusing on trends shaping the future.  
  • We will start to talk about marketing beyond healthcare and how to transfer that knowledge to the business of health.  
  • We are transitioning from a guest interview format to a consistent group of hosts including, Chris Bevolo, Stephanie Wierwille, and Chase Cleckner. 
  • The podcast will no longer be recorded live on Thursdays. However, we will still post the recording by 11 a.m. (CST) on our site and your favorite podcast listening platforms every Friday. 

TikTok may be worth the hype 

  • TikTok user activity overtook that of long-standing leader YouTube, with the average user spending 25 hours on the app in June 2021.  
  • Why is TikTok growing so rapidly? Carefully considered UX factors such as the endless scroll and full-screen experience increase engagement.  
  • Endless scroll, a common feature across social media platforms, appeals to the human desire for closure. With no concrete end, the user is never fully satisfied, increasing the likelihood of long sessions on the platform.  
  • Full-screen engagement, which TikTok pioneered, takes up the entirety of the screen, minimizing distractions that could lead the user away from the platform. A recent study showed that this full-screen experience resulted in 280 times more engagement than non-full-screen content.  
  • Marketers in the health space are slowly dipping their toes in the water to see if TikTok could be a valuable advertising and content marketing platform for their organization. 

The time and place for health brands on TikTok 

  • Several brands like Cleveland Clinic and Mucinex are already on TikTok and experiencing success. Other brands work through clinicians and other influencers.  
  • If your team has the resources and capacity to create custom content for TikTok, then yes, TikTok can be a great place to build your brand presence. 
  • Suppose you don’t have resources at your disposal specifically for TikTok. In that case, influencer content may serve you better because content that is made for other platforms will likely not resonate with TikTok’s audiences. 
  • To be successful on TikTok, brands must be willing to experiment with non-serious tonality, integrating humor and surprise into their content.  
  • As health brands, we need to use potentially addictive platforms like TikTok in a way that encourages health rather than detracting from it. For example, marketers channel the addictive power of social media platforms by creating content that improves health – like Headspace, Pelaton, or Noom.  

Is Amazon flying under the radar in the healthcare industry? 

  • While Haven, Amazon’s joint venture with J.P. Morgan and Berkshire Hathaway, disbanded, Amazon’s success in the health space is progressing quickly. 
  • Houston Methodist and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have been working together for the last year to create a listening platform that is used in the exam rooms and operating rooms. The touchless technology voices steps for clinicians to complete, which can be marked as completed verbally. The technology inputs information directly into the EHR.
  • Our upcoming book, Joe Public 2030, will take a deeper look into the next decade in our industry and where Amazon fits into the mix.