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Thanks for being an amazing Revive client

Cheers to another successful year of partnership

And just like that, another year is behind us. When we reflect on this past year, we’re filled with gratitude and joy for the opportunity to work with such exceptional clients that embrace the chaos of healthcare and embody our values in their own unique way. Whether it’s advocating for change in healthcare, embracing new technology and leaning into data-driven strategy, promoting health equity, or having a health debate, you went above and beyond the average to create change at work and change in the world. We see you and celebrate you. 

What are the value awards?

Here at Revive, we live by our values. These values are embedded in our work, woven into the fabric of our character. They tell our clients a story about who we are and what we can accomplish together. But we also have extraordinary clients that exhibit these values themselves — Be Bold, Respect, Own It, and Grow Always. These clients demonstrate a tenacity for the work, a hunger for innovation, and a strategy that knocks our socks off. These are clients that inspire us to think bolder and be better. These are clients like you. That’s where the Value Awards come in: we’re here to celebrate you and toast to the ways you demonstrate our values through your work.

So, cheers to you. We can’t wait to see what we’ll accomplish together in 2024.

Be Bold

“Be Bold” means you’ve got the gumption to pursue the new, the better, and the breakthrough. You embrace groundbreaking ideas that move your audience, move the industry, and move the world.

Stuck in a brain rut? Listen to our “Be Bold” playlist to stir up some daring ideas.

Own It

“Own It” means to grab life by the horns — to take charge of your work, to own up to your mistakes, and to embrace creativity so that you create change in healthcare and change in the world.

Overwhelmed with tasks? Listen to our “Own It” playlist to focus and knock out your to-do list.

visual representation of healthcare consumer


Kicking off a project? Listen to our “Respect” playlist to remember that we’re at our best when we all work together.

Grow, Always

In need of some inspiration? Listen to our “Grow Always” playlist to remember what you and your team are capable of.