Specialty Practice

Organizational Transactions

From M&A announcement to regulatory approval to integration to rebranding, proactively communicate the true value of your transaction and organization to internal and external stakeholders.

What we do

The value of your transaction is clear to you and your partners – but is it clear to your stakeholders? Revive works with clients to define the value of a transaction for the marketplace and to communicate that value to internal and external audiences. We know the milestones that naturally come up in any M&A deal, from regulatory approval and integration, to renaming and rebranding to align on the future mission, vision, and values of the combined organization.

M&A capabilities

We help clients navigate issues that pose reputational, operational, or financial threats to their pending or recent M&A transactions. Our capabilities include:

  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Investor relations & IPO
  • Regulatory scrutiny
  • Union & labor issues
  • Crisis & issues management
  • Integration communications
  • Renaming
  • Rebranding
  • Mission, vision, values on combined organization
  • Scenario planning
  • Media training
  • Public affairs
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Activism preparation
  • Layoffs/RIFs

Our integrated approach



A complete vantage point will allow for a faster response and avoid potential contradiction. It eliminates reactive risk.



Prepare a comprehensive response for the immediate issue at hand, as well as through contingency planning.



Clearly articulate your position and facts quickly and accurately to establish trust and enhance credibility.



Reassess the situation constantly to be prepared and nimble after the response, and change messaging if needed.