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Brand Building

Revive's proprietary brand vitals model is designed to move your brand, your business, and your organizational momentum.


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What we do

Revive is at the cutting edge of brand innovation in the healthcare space, thanks to both our inside and outside-the-industry expertise.

Our total focus on health allows us to identify patterns in consumer behavior, competitive shifts, marketing performance, and internal dynamics way ahead of the industry.

Brand building capabilities

Whether you’re launching a new health brand from scratch or reintroducing your brand to the market, Revive offers the full spectrum of brand launch capabilities.

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand positioning
  • Naming & identity
  • Brand and naming architecture
  • Brand messaging
  • Brand campaign
  • Internal brand communications & activation
  • Market planning
  • Engagement engines
  • Brand measurement
  • Mission, vision, and values creation

Brand Vitals

Our proprietary brand model, brand vitals, is a portfolio of tools that elevates your brand by reengineering, benchmarking, and managing your brand.

The model, focused on the idea that brands must move beyond the traditional approaches and models to survive, is comprised of three primary POVs to move your brand, your business, and your organizational momentum:

Brands need to move beyond the solving moments to the living moments

Brands should live on an evergreen engagement platform

Brands need to be better integrated with the business and cultural ecosystem

The Brand Vitals portfolio includes three main components:


Brand Vitals Hierarchy

What kind of brand do you want to build? We benchmark your brand by placing it within our Brand Vitals Hierarchy; a model of brand health and scope.


Brand Pulse Model

Whether refreshing or reimagining your brand, our Brand Vitals Model helps focus our strategic development on your brand, business and culture.


Brand Vitals Tracker

We measure your brand with our Brand Vitals Tracker; a survey that assesses the health of your brand reputation externally and internally and links it to your business and organizational performance. The Brand Vitals Tracker is the primary data engine for the Brand Vitals Model.

We work with brands who lead the way in health

Key focus: Post Health System Brand

The leaders in the health system space aren’t waiting for the COVID-19 cloud to lift — they’re re-examining their brand positioning now so they’ll be out front when the time is right to move. Revive is helping organizations accomplish this with the Post-Health System Brand approach.