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Specialty Practice

Brand Building

The healthcare industry is in a state of chaos. But you know that. Heck, it’s probably why you are reading this page right now.

From consolidation to consumerism, Amazon to Walgreens, medtech to private equity, the healthcare industry looks very different than it did a few years ago. And to survive and thrive in this tumult, you simply must have a strong brand. A brand that stands for something, that is in it for the long term, that is a bedrock for internal and external communication, that is born from and driving your business forward. Simply put, to survive in today’s healthcare industry, you need a thriving brand that will drive longterm business health.

What does it take to build that kind of brand? A lot. That’s why we offer a full suit of strategy tools meant to help strengthen your brand at every step of its maturation. Whether you’re launching a new health brand from scratch or reintroducing your brand to the market, Revive offers the full spectrum of brand building capabilities:

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand positioning
  • Naming & identity
  • Brand and naming architecture
  • Brand messaging
  • Brand campaign
  • Internal brand communications & activation
  • Market planning
  • Engagement engines
  • Brand measurement
  • Mission, vision, and values creation

Why Revive?

We have built a team of healthcare industry experts and consumer brand savants. Together we have decades of brand building experience across some of the largest consumer and healthcare brands in the world.


Brands developed


Years combined experience 


Books written about brand

Revive’s Brand Toolkit

When it comes to brand building, we also offer the Brand Vitals Toolkit. We have developed the Brand Vitals Toolkit to provide you the tools needed to build, measure and extend your brand for years to come. Built on the belief that business and brand are inextricable, the Brand Vitals Toolkit consists of a brand health hierarchy to benchmark your brand, a Brand Model to build your brand, and a Brand Tracker to measure and optimize your brand.

Brand Vitals Hierarchy

What kind of brand do you want to build? We benchmark your brand by placing it within our Brand Vitals Hierarchy; a model of brand health and scope.

Brand Pulse Model

Whether refreshing or reimagining your brand, our Brand Vitals Model helps focus our strategic development on your brand, business and culture.

Brand Vitals Tracker

We measure your brand with our Brand Vitals Tracker; a survey that assesses the health of your brand reputation externally and internally and links it to your business and organizational performance. The Brand Vitals Tracker is the primary data engine for the Brand Vitals Model.

We work with brands who lead the way in health