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Session Title

Getting Beyond Survival: A Field Guide to Payors & Contracts


The relationship between payors and providers is lopsided. Powe and leverage lie increasingly with the payors. In this session, we will examine how payors are using their strength to implement strategies that are changing the healthcare landscape… and making it harder for health systems to remain sustainable in the process.  We’ll also discuss ways health systems can respond successfully, and move beyond mere survival.



We offer unparalleled payor negotiation experience and insights

At Revive, we execute programs that advance and protect the reputation of our clients, proactively manage risk across their enterprise, and position them for what’s next. We do this through strategies deeply rooted in an understanding of today’s unpredictable and turbulent healthcare environment — and a firm grasp of the rapidly changing media and stakeholder environment.Our knowledge of the business of healthcare, coupled with our deep bench of subject-matter experts is unparalleled and has fueled our unsurpassed reputation in helping clients manage issues, including communications around high profile payor negotiations. Our recommendations are rooted in research and insights, which allow us to develop media strategies, stakeholder engagement, scenario planning, media training, research and insights, crisis communications playbooks, simulation, and activism prep.