Specialty Practice

Payor-Provider Relations

We help clients achieve their negotiation goals through strategic communications campaigns that put the right pressure on payors at the right time.

What we do

Our knowledge and expertise in payor-provider relations and public negotiations are unparalleled. Throughout the last decade, we’ve engaged in 1,200+ payor issues across 49 states, represented virtually every kind of healthcare provider, navigated every kind of contract issue, and faced every major health plan. Our deep experience allows us to anticipate payors’ next steps in negotiations, ultimately improving contract outcomes for providers. Through strategies deeply rooted in an understanding of today’s unpredictable and turbulent healthcare environment — and a firm grasp of the rapidly changing media and stakeholder environment — we plan and execute effective strategic communications programs and campaigns that advance and protect the reputation of our clients, proactively manage risk across their enterprises, and position them for what’s next.

With Revive, you’ll get a customized communications effort, which is synchronized with your business goals and negotiation strategies. We put any negotiation or payor situation in the right context, signaling your resolve to the payor and the marketplace. The intensity, message tone, and intended visibility of each campaign is driven by the health system’s contracting goals and operating realities. Just as important, this strategy generates support from key audiences that can be leveraged to apply the right pressure at the right time, and ultimately, achieve the contracts you need.

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Payor provider capabilities

We are experts on payor relations, contract negotiations, and strategic communications. We are the only firm that brings the two together with the level of expertise and success that we do.

Our dedicated Payor Provider Group is led by veterans with proven experience in helping high-profile healthcare clients overcome controversy, protect the reputation of their brand, and build public support. Our capabilities include:

  • Negotiation communication strategy
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Media training
  • Scenario planning
  • Stakeholder advocacy
  • Health plan and public policy
  • Price transparency
  • Creative platform for negotiations
  • Medicare for All
  • Contract negotiations
  • Reference-based pricing
  • Surprise billing
  • Litigation support
  • Public affairs

Our clients don’t only call on us during a payor issue – they call on us before to lay the important groundwork ahead of any issue and build a narrative before a negotiation is public. The right time to be thinking about positioning your health system, hospital, or provider group for the next payor issue is today.

We’ve worked with the best brands

Our integrated approach



Having worked with hundreds of healthcare organizations, we’ve seen almost everything. What’s the same – or different – about your situation?



With decades of experience, we have the niche know-how to act quickly. We prepare a comprehensive response for the immediate issue at hand, as well as through contingency



Clearly articulate the position and facts quickly and accurately to establish trust and enhance credibility.



Reassess the situation constantly to be prepared and nimble after the response, and change messaging if needed.

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