Kara is a dedicated marketer with a decade of experience leading impactful social media initiatives. As the senior social strategist at Revive, Kara holds a deep understanding of all social platforms and the ever-evolving social landscape, bringing a future-forward approach to every campaign. Not just a strategist, Kara is a passionate educator, assisting clients and colleagues in understanding each platform’s intricacies and leveraging them to their advantage. Kara is driven by her belief in social media’s positive impact, especially within healthcare industries.

In her earlier roles in journalism and content management, Kara found her knack for social storytelling and audience engagement. As a marketing professional, Kara has experience in e-commerce, publishing, nonprofit, and healthcare industries. She has led the development of successful influencer programs, content strategies, and value-driven social activations that engage niche and global communities alike.

Kara attended Western Kentucky University and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism. A Kentucky native, she enjoys gardening, traveling, and spending time with her 11-year-old Labradoodle.